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Camilla Ffrench is a 20-year-old creative living in New York City who pursues her passion for art through photography, videography, graphic design, and more. 


A passionate photographer, she is a graduate of the year-long Imagemakers program at the International Center of Photography and enjoys exploring many photographic mediums, inside and beyond the darkroom.

Camilla works closely with LAUNDRY DAY, a band composed of five of her best friends. As Creative Director, she produces music videos, captures performances, and creates an image for the band. She also created a video game, Chef Bless The Game, with LD member Etai to accompany the release of his first solo album. Recently Camilla has explored with more tangible mediums and made her first hand-tufted rug.

Camilla is an avid illustrator and graphic designer, building websites and branding assets for clients. Her passion project within this realm has been The Upstate Table, whose company image Camilla and her mom have been crafting since she was 12 years old. 

In addition to these pursuits, Camilla often bakes, making cakes and other desserts with her mom’s business, but also for her own clients on commission. She of course is also passionate about cooking in her free time.

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