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To accompany the release of Etai's solo album, Chef Bless, we created a four-level video game of Etai's journey to find his album. Born from an idea of Etai's to create an interactive gallery for users to explore a series of paintings Etai made alongside the songs of Chef Bless, able to listen to audio clips of Etai speaking on each work. While this gallery made it to level 3, Chef Bless The Game evolved into something even more representative of Etai's creative mind, allowing players to enter the world of the album.


All of the visuals were drawn by Etai with black Sharpie on printer paper, which I then digitized, colored, and animated. Even the dialogue is written with a font I created with Etai's handwriting. During gameplay, instrumentals from songs of the album set the background, and the coin pickup sound effect is the "GEBOP" soundbite that can be heard throughout Chef Bless. With coins earned during gameplay, players are rewarded with more teasers of the album (or in the case of level 3, the release date).


While there's gameplay in each level (which I had so much fun creating with event-based coding) , the dialogue and storyline written by Etai further immerses the player as they journey to find the album, seeing the other LAUNDRY DAY members (who each drew their respective characters) along the way.



Watch Etai and me speak about the game while cooking coconut shrimp. Video for Unpublished Magazine, filmed and edited by me.


3-D version of Level 4 of Chef Bless The Game

hat made of paper maiche by me for Etai's birthday

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