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"As I near the end of high school, I find myself in a state of contemplation and speculation. Who I am and want to be.

An integral part of this reflection is the house where I grew up. Nestled in a valley in the Catskill Mountains, it is a time capsule of my childhood, colored with the recent changes in my life. Memories of endless summers playing in the stream and winters by the fire live in each tree of my backyard and corner in my house. Now, when I look at the chair where my older sister, who is now in college, used to sit for dinner; I don’t think about when we played as kids, but about last Christmas when she attempted suicide in her room upstairs. With my lens, I capture my parents in the rituals of family, the absence of my older sister as an invisible force alongside them."


Spring 2019

This body of work was my Personal Vision project for the ICP Imagemakers program, a year-long photography intensive for high school juniors and seniors.

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